Disable Disk Defragmenter


How To Disable Windows Disk Defragmenter In Windows 7

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There are allot of great things about Windows 7 and one of them is that it has a built in disk defragger that runs in the background and just gets the job done.  The only problem with this is that some people prefer to use their own tool of choice.  If you want to do this you must turn off the built in defragger.  Use the following steps below to turn of Windows 7 defragmenter

1.  Go To Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmenter

Screnshot of Windows 7 Defrag Menu

2.  Select Configuration Schedule

Windows 7 Main Disk Deframenter Menu

3.  Deselect Run On A Schedule And Click OK

Windows 7 Disk Deframenter Schedule

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