How To Install MyDefrag


MyDefrag Install

1.  Download latest version from

2. Double click on the executable that you downloaded in step one.

3.  Click ok when the below window pops up.

MyDefrag Setup Language

4.  Click next on the setup wizard screen.

MyDefrag Welcom To Setup Wizard

5. Click I Accept The Agreement and click Next.

MyDefrag License Agreement

6.  Click next to take the default install path or modify it to your preference.

MyDefrag Destination Location

7. Select next to install all the components or select the ones you would like to install.

MyDefrag Component Selection

8. Click next to accept the default programs folder.

MyDefrag Select Start Menu

9. Select next to accept the defaults.

MyDefrag Select Additional Tasks

10. We are no ready to install so click on install to get the show on the road.

MyDefrag Ready To Install

11. The install has completed.  Select finish to end the install.

MyDefag Complete Install Wizard

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