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Name Version Size Downloads
UBCD537.iso 5.3.7    

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  1. thanks

  2. gracias

  3. It is a corrupt ISO.
    The correct size is around 291MB.

    The correct checksums for the ISO are:
    [MD5 ] a76cd6e57aabadf93671ea6c4b57cd3a
    [SHA1] 8c42819c41d6278dedd7dc9a5a59f434cb95a250

    Download from an alternative location, until it is fixed:

  4. New ISO has been uploaded.

  5. thank you

  6. ISO seems to off again..

  7. Thanks for letting me know. There was an issue with the download software.

  8. thanks for the DL

  9. Thank you for the iso. I just discovered your site today and have added it to my bookmarks of sites for useful reference information.

  10. this is an old version, new version is 5.11

  11. Why are you saying it is not the latest version?

  12. muchas gracias

  13. Grazie molte.

  14. thanks for the free bandwidth yall

  15. It says UBCD503.iso version 5.03 but the latest version is 5.1.1.

  16. I am sorry about that, this page has been updated with the correct information.

  17. merci beaucoup

  18. Thanks for the bandwidth. I will be back to browse…

  19. Thanks, i’m going to try it.

  20. Good deal. If you like it don’t forger to drop a line to the great team over at Ultimate Boot CD. 🙂

  21. Thank you for an great application like that. Awesome work!

  22. I regret that we can’t overcome foreign currency control in our country. Otherwise -for sure- I’d donate a big contribution to that rather marvelous iniciative. Thanks! That is what we name True Software Liberty!!!

  23. Thank you very much! 🙂

  24. tnx a lot

  25. Thanks for this applictaion

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  27. Thank you for the mirror site and for not allocating minimal bandwidth!

  28. Just downloaded v5.3.0 (581meg) and md5sum checked OK. Thanks!

  29. thx

  30. thank you very much !

  31. great mirror. thanks!

  32. Nice site, thank you!

  33. Thank you very much!!

  34. Thanks!

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  36. Thank you very much !

  37. Good stuff. Cheers!

  38. you could make a tutorial of how to use it.

  39. Great site – thanks!

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