Jun 292013

It is pretty amazing what you can do with today’s technology when it comes to creating a home lab to practice on in your home office.  I  have normal run of the mill consumer machines that I will be using to set up my home lab.  The current set up consists of Windows 8.0 and VMWare 5.1.  When the upgrades have been completed will be on Windows 8.1 for clients and will will by using Hyper-V as my virtualizaiton platform.

The first step that I am going to undertake is updating my client machines that currently sit in a work-group to Windows 8.1.  Follow the steps below in order to get the upgrade through Microsoft online store.  The upgrade seem to be taking about 1.5 and two hours depending on your hardware and internet connection.

1.  The first thing you will need to do is download the update that will make the upgrade available int he the Microsoft online store.  Click on the link below:


2. When the upgrade has been installed you will need to restart your PC.

3. Once the PC has restarted go to the Microsoft PC store and follow the instructions for the upgrade.  You will see the below screen once the upgrade process starts:

PC Upgrade to 8.1

May 182012

There is a new security feature in Windows 8 called smart screen.  This new level of security can help prevent unknown computer programs from running on your computer.  I ran into a situation where I wanted to disable the smart screen feature.   Below are the steps needed to complete in order to turn it off.

1.  Open up the control center.

Windows 8 Control Center


2.  Click on Action Center

Click On Action Center


3. In the left pane click on “Change Windows SmartScreen Settings”

Left Hand Column, Click On Change Windows Smart Screen Settings


4.  Select the option for how you would like Windows SmartScreen to handle unrecognized apps.

Windows SmartScreen Options

5.  Select Ok to close the dialog box.

6.  You can also choose to disable message so you will not get the security warning in the desktop tray.

Click Turn off messages about Windows SmartScreen

Jan 162012

This video is from CES and talks about Windows 8.  Tami Reller, Chief Marketing Officer of Windows, gives the crowd a demo. The video shows off a number of features that Windows 8 has to offer along with the confirmation that there will be a beta coming in February 2012.  Are you going to download it?