Feb 192010

WANem is a great free tool over at sourceforge that simulates a wide area network.  This tool comes in handy when you want to see how an application is going to perform on a wide area network.  WANem allows you to simulate network delay, packet loss, packet corruption, disconnections, packet re-ording, and several other characteristics.  You can currently download the program as a live cd or a virtual appliance for VMWare.  Check out this great tool and let us know what you think.

WANem Sourceforge Link

WANem Screenshot

Oct 032009

Pingtest.net was just launched to help you determine the quality of your broadband internet connection.  This tool can be used by everybody as the site breaks your test results down for you.  It assigns the letter A-F for your test results.  There is also a grade of N/A if the site can’t determine your connection rating.  The test is composed of packet loss, ping times, and line jitter.  So follow the link below and check out what your connection is graded at.  My personal connection was rated at a C which is what I expected as my ISP does not have the greatest reputation in the world.


Pingtest.net Detailed Info

Jun 172009

I was able to take the new 83-640 test this week.  I was very impressed with the test as it actually can measure hands on experience of the person taking the test.  There was a nice balance between hands on labs that used live virtual machines along with the traditional questions.  I really hope that Microsoft will implement this style for the majority of their tests.  The best advice I can give to prepare for the test is to use some sort of virtual technology.  Hyper-V would be perfect as it is free.   You can then use the trail version of Server 2008 which will again cost you nothing.  I would set up a couple servers that are running the AD role.  Once you have that done practice everyday tasks that a normal administrator would be asked to do.  This would include everything from administrating accounts to configuring DNS.  I would highly recommend checking out the study guide from Microsoft that I included in my previous post.  This pretty much sums up everything that could be on the test.  Please feel free to let me know what you think of the test if you have taken it.