Sep 272015

One of the many things you probably will need to know is what version of Ubuntu is installed on a server.  It is pretty simple from the command line.  Just run the below command.

Command that will return description and the release number.

lsb__release -d


Ubuntu Version

Ubuntu Version

Mar 262014

There is a quick and easy way to find out what version of PowerShell you are running.  All you have to do is open up PowerShell and type in $PSVersionTable.  This command will also give you the WSMan version, .NET framework version, build version, PSRemotingProtocolVersion, and some other information.  Below is a quick screen capture of what the output looks like from the command.

PowerShell Version

PowerShell Version

Feb 082014

Filters drivers can sometimes cause performance issues and other bad things to happen on a server.  The quickest and easiest way you can figure out what filters drivers are running is by using the fltmc.exe command.  This command works on several versions of the Microsoft Windows operating systems.

1.  Open up a PowerShell or cmd window with administrative privileges.

2. Run fltmc without any switches to get a current list of active filter drivers.

fltmc.exe example

Below is a quick screenshot the switches that are available for the fltmc.exe command.

fltmc switches