Jun 262012

Majestic SEO has been very hard at work the past few months.  Majestic SEO continue to improve their product on a daily basis.  Majestic SEO introduced flow metrics on May 14th.  They have now added this functionality into historic index which now includes links from October 2006 through May 28 2012.  Below are the current stats from today for both the fresh and historic indexes.  If you are researching link information for you or your competitors sight I highly recommend Majestic SEO.  Please check out the links below and let us know what you think!

Fresh Index

Pages crawled: 23,606,534,234
Unique URLs: 146,221,974,974
Date range: 24 Apr 2012 to 24 Jun 2012
Last updated: 26 Jun 2012 07:05 GMT

Historic Index

Pages crawled: 372,709,632,828
Unique URLs: 3,842,466,696,467
Date range: 26 Oct 2006 to 28 May 2012
Last updated: 25 Jun 2012

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Jun 022010

Majestic SEO released their new index on June 1st that includes 19 trillion unique URLs.  Majestic SEO also started offering reporting of EDU and GOV link counts at the domain level in May.  The data for Majestic SEO comes from Majestic 12 which is a distributed computing project that anybody can join.  Stop by the sites to learn more about Majestic SEO and Majestic 12.

Majestic SEO Main Site

Majestic 12 Main Site

Dec 092009

Majestic SEO which is powered by the Majextic 12 Distributed computer project has just released the newest index.  The new index now has over 1.25 trillion URLs.  This project is amazing from the standpoint of what it has accomplished over the past several years.  So please stop by the project site and think about joining a great group of technology people.  Also if you are a webmaster you are going to want to check out Majestic SEO as it is a great tool to improve your sites.

Majestic SEO

Majestc 12 Distributed Computer Project