May 182012

There is a new security feature in Windows 8 called smart screen.  This new level of security can help prevent unknown computer programs from running on your computer.  I ran into a situation where I wanted to disable the smart screen feature.   Below are the steps needed to complete in order to turn it off.

1.  Open up the control center.

Windows 8 Control Center


2.  Click on Action Center

Click On Action Center


3. In the left pane click on “Change Windows SmartScreen Settings”

Left Hand Column, Click On Change Windows Smart Screen Settings


4.  Select the option for how you would like Windows SmartScreen to handle unrecognized apps.

Windows SmartScreen Options

5.  Select Ok to close the dialog box.

6.  You can also choose to disable message so you will not get the security warning in the desktop tray.

Click Turn off messages about Windows SmartScreen

Feb 142010

I have been dealing with cleaning up several family and friends computers from Viruses.  The majority of time they have a commercial program that is just not getting the job done.  There are several great antivirus programs and several not so great programs on the market.  The majority of the general computer population is unaware that there are a couple free options that offer great protection.  Below are the three that I highly recommend if you are looking for a free antivirus solution.  They are in no particular order as each of them has their pluses and minuses.

Apr 172009

I have posted about this software program once before but it still seems like there are allot of people that are not aware of it.  So hopefully I can convince a few more people to go out and try Avast.  It currently supports over thirty different languages so just anybody can find Avast useful.

It seems like I have been getting called by allot of family and friends lately that are having virus problems.  The first thing I usually do when I start working on their computer is trash their current program they are using for virus protection.  Avast Home Edition is a superior product and has helped in every situation I have had to resolve so far.  One of the greatest parts is that is is free to home users and I look like the hero because they just got their computer fixed for free.

Avast Home Edition is an ICSA certified antivirus  along with being certified anti-spyware and anti-rootkit program.  The home edition has on demand scanning, on access scanner, and a boot time scanner.  I think that the boot time scanner is probably one of the biggest features since this allows the program to do a deep dive of the system before dangerous virus and spyware programs get loaded into memory.

If you have a home PC I highly recommend trying this program over any other antivirus programs that are out there.   Please let me know your experiences with the program.

Avast Home Page: