Mar 042010

I think at one time or another we have deleted something that we needed.  The problem is usually getting files back is fairly hard.  There have always been tools out there to recover data, but they were usually to expensive.  That has all changed with the great product called Recuva.  This tool was created by Piriform and can be downloaded from their site.  They just released version 1.36.479 on March 1st, 2010.  The tool has several features including undelete files from your computer, recover deleted emails, and restore unsaved word documents.  So if you are need in a good undelete files tool check out this program.   Please stop back and let us know what you think!

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Jul 202008

The best administrator tool I have run across is Ultimate Boot CD For Windows.  The tool is a bootable recovery CD that contains software that letst you do just about anything.  The majority of the software is freeware utilities that get you out of tight places when administrating machines.  I have mainly used the CD to help me reset the local administrator’s account when a client can’t remember it.  I have also used for several other tasks like remving trojans and cleanning ad-ware off of the server.

Benjamin Burrors is the creater of the project which started back in April 2004.  There have been several other people that have helped with the project that are recognized on the projects web site.  If you are interested in finding out more about the tool I wouls encourage you to visit the site.  You will be able to find out everything about it along with some other interesting information.

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