Sep 252009

I am always looking for new gadgets to add to my Vista and Windows 7 desktop.  I recently ran across the server ping gadget.   The great thing about this gadget is its simple and straight forward.  The free version allows you to monitor up to five servers.  You can specify the refresh rate and timeout limit for the ping status.  The best feature like is the simple red and green traffic light system it uses.  At a quick glance you can see if your servers are up or down.  There is also a pro version that you can buy which will support up to twenty five servers.  Check out the links below to find out more about this great gadget.

Current Download Location

Old Locations

Windows Live Link For Server Ping

Server Ping Pro Version Link

Aug 182008

I thought I would write a quick tip on how to tell when your server actually goes down and comes back up.  When you reboot a server through terminal services it is hard to tell when you can log back into the server.  One of the easiest things you can do is run the ping -t “hostname” to determine when the server is up and responding on the network.  The best time to start the command is right before you reboot the server.  This way you can see when the server actaully stops responding and starts responding again to pings.  The one thing to remember is when you are first receiving a ping you might not be able to log into the server yet.  It all depends on how many services need to start up and what order they are in.  But at least you will have a better idea when you can get logged back into the server.