Apr 232016

The Defrag Tools team from Channel 9 has another great video.  Andrew Richards and Chad Beeder do an excellent job covering the tool called PsPing.  If you get a chance to watch the episode please leave a comment below.


PsPing Tool – https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/psping 

Channel 9 – https://channel9.msdn.com/

Sysinternals Tools – https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals



Feb 082014

Filters drivers can sometimes cause performance issues and other bad things to happen on a server.  The quickest and easiest way you can figure out what filters drivers are running is by using the fltmc.exe command.  This command works on several versions of the Microsoft Windows operating systems.

1.  Open up a PowerShell or cmd window with administrative privileges.

2. Run fltmc without any switches to get a current list of active filter drivers.

fltmc.exe example

Below is a quick screenshot the switches that are available for the fltmc.exe command.

fltmc switches

Jan 182012

Server benchmark is the latest tool that I have discovered over the past couple of days.  I am a true geek at heart and can never find enough of these programs to test and burn in a new system.  Server Benchmark is a free tool and can be downloaded from SourceForge.  It is very strait forward and easy to use.  Check out the screenshot below for the user interface.  This tool is great for pushing both the memory and cpu of the server.  With that said this tool is not meant to be a benchmark tool for your standard PC as it does push your video card. Let us know if you have used this great tool and what you think.

Server Benchmark


Server Benchmark’s Main Site

Server Benchmark’s Download On SourceForge

Features From SourceForge

  • Server “burn in” (memory and processor benchmark)
  • Citrix & XenApp performance testing
  • VMware and XenDesktop performance testing
  • Server 2008 R2 support
  • 64 bit & 32 bit support