Apr 292013

I have started to do additional work with Ubuntu server over the past few months.  The application I have been running on the serves consumes and generates a lot of network traffic.  The easiest solution I have found to capture network traffic usage on Ubuntu server is vnStat.  This tool is a network traffic monitor that is very easy to implement.  The tool vnStat tracks hourly, daily and monthly traffic for the selected interfaces.  You can also monitor real-time traffic on a selected NIC.  Check out the quick install and examples of some of the reports you can run from vnStat.  Please let us know what think about this quick and easy program to monitor network traffic on your Ubuntu server.

Ubuntu Server Quick Install

1. Log into the server.

2. Run the following command – “sudo apt-get install vnstat”

3. Note the active interfaces on your server.

After the install you will be able to gather reports about bandwidth usage. Examples are based on a machine with one NIC.

Daily Bandwidth Report

vnstat -i eth0 -d

vnstat daily report

Hourly Bandwidth Report

vnstat -i etho -h

vnstat hourly report

Monthly Bandwidth Report

vnstat -i etho -m

vnstat monthly report

Real time speed report

vnstat -i etho -l

vnstat real time report

Sep 252009

I am always looking for new gadgets to add to my Vista and Windows 7 desktop.  I recently ran across the server ping gadget.   The great thing about this gadget is its simple and straight forward.  The free version allows you to monitor up to five servers.  You can specify the refresh rate and timeout limit for the ping status.  The best feature like is the simple red and green traffic light system it uses.  At a quick glance you can see if your servers are up or down.  There is also a pro version that you can buy which will support up to twenty five servers.  Check out the links below to find out more about this great gadget.

Current Download Location

Old Locations

Windows Live Link For Server Ping

Server Ping Pro Version Link

Nov 022008

We write about allot of tools that are geared towards windows system on this blog.   I do from time to time deal with a Linux server.  This weekend I found a tool that is a must have for all Linux administrators.  The tool is collectl and was created by Mark Seger over at HP.  Mark actually used it to monitor large clusters, but also noticed it could be used by the average Linux administrator on an everyday basis.  Collectl replaces sar, vmstat, top, atop, iostate, and allot of other tools that are currently out there.  This tool does it all.  The tool is also a sourceforge project and is being constantly updated.

Sourceforge Page