Jan 142014

You can quickly find you yourself in a position where there is no GUI installed on a Windows Sever.   One of the most common tasks as an admin is to change a password for a user account.  This can actually be done quickly and easily through the command line.

Steps To Complete

1.  Log onto the server as administrator.

2.  Launch a command prompt with administrator privileges.

3. Enter the following command: net user user_name * /domain.

Note: The asterisk in step three will cause a prompt for the password so you don’t type it in pain text.

Example: Changing password for snadmin.


Jan 112014

Check out the latest TechEd countdown show below for the North Amaerica event.  The show highlights some of the great things you can do while you are in Houton, Texas.  TehEd North America this year will be held from May 12 -15 which is a little earlier then it has been in past years.  If you get chance leave us a comment if you are planning on attending.


Summary From The Channel 9 Website:

We are just 18 weeks until TechEd North America in Houston! In Episode #4 of the Countdown Rick and Joey talk about the reasons YOU should attend TechEd including:

  • Access to all the experts you need to solve issues you are facing.
  • Learning something new.
  • Networking and not just with your peers, but also our fantastic partners and our product experts.
  • Get your hands dirty with our Hands On and Instructor Led Labs

Then Rick and Joey once again take to the streets of Houston, Texas to bring you MORE highlights of things you don’t want to miss while attending TechEd 2014 (May 12th – May 15th). Make sure you Register Now!

Here is where you can go to get more information on the places Rick and Joey visited in this episode:

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Link: TechEd Countdown Shows

Nov 052013


Notes From The Channel 9 Website

Episode #2 of the 2014 countdown season has Joey Snow and Rick Claus talking about Early Bird registration and MORE from our “temporary studio”. We’ve got the details on TechEd 2014 (May 12th – May 15th) in Houston, Texas.

Some of the breaking news we cover in this episode:

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