Apr 022016

Windows weekly was live from the Microsoft Build Conference.  They cover allot of topics including the redstone update, bash on windows, HoloLens and much more.  Feel free to leave comments below on anything you hear that was interesting.

Nov 072015

Windows Server 2016 is just around the corner.  It is exciting to hear about all the changes that we will see in the next version of the Windows server platform.  Check out the great interview from Jeffrey Snover on some of the storage enhancements coming in the next release.  Please leave a comment below on what you are looking forward to in Server 2016.



Summary From The Channel 9 Website

In this episode, Jeffrey Snover takes on storage in Windows Server, walking through the ways that storage evolves in Windows Server 2016. From Storage Spaces Direct to Storage QoS, Jeffrey explains how the pieces all fit together to give you the foundation you need. Find out how cost, performance, and reliability are all part of the strategic approach to software-defined storage.

Sep 282014

PowerShell has become the main scripting language on the Microsoft platform.  With the latest release of PowerShell you can also use it on Unix and Linux.  There are a lot of great resources provided by the PowerShell community to get you started.  Below are a couple great videos that were captured during a PowerShell Saturday event several months ago.  In my opinion these two beginning videos are some of the best out there.   Please let us know below if you agree with our opinion.  If you have other PowerShell resources that you want highlighted please leave a comment below or send us an email through the contact page.

PowerShell Saturday Video One



PowerShell Saturday Video Two