Jan 122010

Chappell Seminars is again offering some free training during the first couple of months of 2010.  From the schedule posted on the website the below classes are being offered for FREE.  Take advantage of these opportunities to learn how to use one of the greatest network tools out there.

  • February 9th – Wireshark 101
  • March  9th – Wireshark 201

ChappellSeminars.com Schedule


Dec 192009

It is way to easy to get caught up in an everyday lives and be consumed by the small things life throws at us.  In our culture today we seem to look at things in a negative light instead of a positive light.  I can personally say that I get stuck in these ruts and forget to realize everything great that is happening around me.  When this happens I try to recognize it and find somebody that I can lean on to make me realize that life is truly amazing.  I recently ran across some You Tube videos of Nick Vujicic and was truly amazed by the story in the video.  He was born without limbs but this major difference has not deterred him from his dreams.  He has an amazing personality and a true love for life.  In just five minutes of learning I wanted to know more about this amazing person.  Check out the the video links and site below.  Let me know what you think!

You Tube Video Clips


Life Without Limbs Site

Life Without Limbs Site (Video)

Dec 082009

I had a great video forwarded onto me by another IT Pro.  Microsoft has a presentation by Mark Russinovich on Windows Security Boundaries.  This is a great resource to learn how Microsoft approaches security boundaries in their operating systems.  Some of the security boundaries that are covered include physical machines, system virtual machines, and user sessions.  Mark also goes in to processes, patch guard, and kernel-mode signing.  As always Mark does a great job of breaking down security using some of his System Internals Tools.  The presentation is about an hour and fifteen minutes long.  Personally I think it is well worth your time if you want understand operating system security better.

Windows Security Boundaries On Tech Net