Jan 292012

I was jut catching up on the some of the releases around the web.  Google has introduced a new feature in Google maps for showing your location inside of a building.  Google maps used to leave you at the front door of large building like airports to find your own way around.  Check out the below video and Google news release to learn all about it.

Google’s News Release On Indoor Maps

Apr 152010

Google today unveiled two new great features for Gmail.  The first new feature is drag and drop attachments onto your messages.  In the past if you wanted to add an attachment you had to go through the manual process.  That process is now in the past if you are using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox 3.6.  With either of those browsers you can now just drag and drop the files to attach them.  This seems like a small thing, but over time ends up being a huge time save for end users.

The second big feature that Google added to Gmail was the insert calendar invitation.  If your friends share their Google Calendar information you can now insert Calendar invitation.  This is easily done by clicking on insert invitation which is by the attach file option.  When you click on insert invitation you will be able to see when everybody is free.  You then pick the appropriate date and time and click on insert invitation again.  When you send the email the event gets added to all of your friends calendar.

Check out these two new great features and let me know what you think.  You can also follow the link below to the official Gmail blog to find out more information.

Google Gmail Official Blog

GMAIL Attachment Feature

GMAIL Calendar Invite Feature

Dec 152009

I stumbled across a site tonight that allows you to search Google and Bing side by side.  I am a huge Google fan and currently use them as my default search engine, but I do think Microsoft is stating to catch them.  The below site will let you quickly compare search results between the two engines.  Check it out and let me know what you think about it.

Bing Vs. Google Site