Jan 292009

I am a huge fan of Gmail, but one of the downfalls up to this point is you could not access email offline.  Gmail labs has come to the rescue again as they have started to roll out offline Gmail.  You will have to enable this feature when it is available for your account.  Gmail is actually using Gears in the background to cache your email locally.  When your browser looses connection to the internet it will revert to your cached account instead of showing nothing.  The one thing to remember is that this feature is very experimental so don’t be surprised if you run into some issues.

Gmail Official Release

Gmail YouTube Video On Offline Mail

Nov 032008

If you are addicted to email like me you are always looking for new tips.  If you are using Google Toolbar 5 for either IE or Firefox you can make you life allot easier.  You can add the Gmail custom button which allow you to get new message alerts, previews of your mail, and the search box that can help you find messages in your Gmail account.  To see the full post head on over to the Gmail Blog and check it out!

Gmail Blog


Oct 242008

Gmail has added another feature to Gmail.  The Gmail team has decided to allow you to add emoticons.  This little feature allows you to spice up your emails little bit more.  No longer do you have to settle for the old smiley face.  I can’t wait to see what Gmail comes out with next.

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