Jan 292012

Our family has been working very hard on promoting Financial Peace University at our local church in Ankney, Iowa.  If you have a minute please take time below to watch the video and learn more about what Dave Ramsey is teaching our country.  We have lived Dave’s principals for the past several years and could not be happier.  He has taught us so much that we have adopted FPU as one of our passions and want to pass is onto anybody who is willing to listen.  The average family has a net change in there life of over $8,000 during the 13 week course.  It is up to you to change your financial life.  Take the first steps today and enroll in an FPU class near you.

Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University Site

Jan 282012

Dave Ransey has influenced our life greatly over the past several years.  The one amazing thing is what you can do when you are debt free is giving.  We hope to be be someday as we continue to follow the baby steps taught in the Total Money Makeover.  The video below is an amazing video that is shared during Financial Peace University.  How cool would it be  to write out a check for $10,000 to a random person to help them out.  Check out the video below to hear one such story.  When you believe amazing things will happen your life.  Please add any personal comments you have had with Dave Ramsey or any giving stories you have been part of.

Dave Ramsey’s Main Site

The Great Recovery

The Total Money Makeover Book