Mar 272010

Tax season is almost over the US so I started looking at ways to better track my Money.  As always I am looking for something that is inexpensive or even better if it is free.  Mint fits the free bill and is a very powerful financial tool.   Here are the top five reasons why I would recommend Mint.  Stop by their site and read more about what Mint it all about.

Top Five Reasons To Try Mint

  1. Its FREE!!!!
  2. Safe and Secure
  3. Budgeting Is Easy
  4. Reduce Debt
  5. Mobile Access

Mint Main Page

Turbo Tax + Mint Information

Feb 212010

With the current 2010 Olympics going on I was curious to see if you could experience a bobsled ride.  It turns out that you can at one of the Olympic parks in the United States.  Lake placid offers a Bobsled experience for only $75.00.  They also have a skeleton experience, but I don’t think I would be brave enough to handle that.  Check out the link below to find out more information if you have ever thought of taking a bobsled ride.

Lake Placid Bobsled Experience Homepage

Dec 062009

The last few posts I have shared talk more about life then they I do about technology related topics.  Sometimes is helps to take a break and read about non technology topics to refresh our minds.  Derek Sivers has an excellent post about Tom Williams.  Even though this post has been around for a while I just stumbled a crossed it.  Derek was able to sit down and learn about Tom Williams story.  There are several parts of the story that amazed me, but the first one what how he was hired by Apple at age fourteen.  That in itself is pretty interesting story, but that is just the beginning.  Tom shares that having relationships with people is very important.  These relationships should be genuine and you should also be working on strengthening them.  One of the quotes from the story is “At the end of the day, all you have is friends.”  This is so true but how many of us really do get to know the people around us?

The other part of the story is just a small part at the end.  John Williams has taken all of his knowledge and has started a very unique project.  The website is called and was formed in December of 2004.  The site focuses on online fund raising emphasizing creative fund raising ideas and other unique charity donations.  The site and project is open to everybody in the community who care to participate.  If you are interested in raising money for your charity you can submit your proposal through the website.  Only proposals accepted by the group can perform fund raising through the site.  The biggest thing I found interesting is that any amount of money can help.  So if you five or five hundred dollars a charity would be very happy to receive your donation.

Please stop by Derek Severs site and read all about Tom Williams.  Also please stop by and check out  Hopefully you can find or start a charity that you can contribute to.

Derek Sivers Article On Tom Williams Main Site