Nov 252009

Black Friday shopping in in the US is only a day or two away.  There are allot of great deals to be had when it comes to electronics.  I am personally looking for some cheap LCD displays for my home office setup.  Staples seems to have the best deal with 21.5″ LCD screens for $90.  Gizmo has a great writeup on all the electronics.  They do great job at pointing out what deals are also not really deals.  The only tip I have is allot of these deals will show up online over the next couple of days.  This allows you not to deal with all the crazy people that will be out and about.

Gizmo’s Black Friday Guide

BlackFriday.ORG – All The Ads

Nov 232008

May favorite day is only a few days away.  If you are in the need of some new hardware for your home systems, Friday is the day to go out and shop.  There are some great deals on desktops, laptops, storage, and miscellaneous peripherals.  There are several websites out there that already have all of the adds posted so you can form you strategy early.  If you have never heard of of the term Black Friday in the united state below is the link to the wikipedia article that describes it.

Wikipedia Black Friday Page

Black Friday Add Web Sites