Oct 182008

I have been working with server core for about a month now.  The first thing you will notice about server core is that there really is no GUI interface.  Like most administrators we tend to get a little lazy and don’t keep up with all the command line statements to get simple tasks done.  Thankfully there are other administrators out there that realize this.  So they create nice little programs that help us command line challenged people in our daily job.  Below are the links to the GUI configurators that I am aware of.  I have also included a couple blog posts that go into detail on some of these tools.

This is the one that I would highly recommend but it currently no longer available from the creator due to intellectual property issues.  This tool can be found at some sites such as www.4sysops.com.

This is a codeplex project and can be found here.

Core Configuration Console

Blog Post
The Things that are better left unspoken – Sander Berkouwer

Oct 132008

Hyper-V Server has now been out for a few weeks.  Hopefully some of you have had a chance to install it in your test labs.  Microsoft has released a document to help you configure and administrate it.  I actually did find the install pretty strait forward and easy to complete.  The helpful addition to Hyper-V Server 2008 is the configuration tool.  I think they should add something very similar to the Server Core 2008 Install so everything does not have to be done through command line.  Check out the link below to find the guide from Microsoft.

Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 Guide