Apr 042016

I find it very interesting to look at real world results.  Below you will find the breakdown of browser versions for the month of March 2016 for Serverninjas.com.  Google Chrome still retains the number one spot this month at 45.3%

Internet Browsers Percentage
1. Google Chrome 45.3%
2. Firefox 26.2%
3. MS Internet Explorer 10.8%
4. Opera  1.5%
5. Safari  1.5%

Mar 162009

The IE team over at Microsoft has bee working very hard on their latest version.  The IE team put up a performance testing video that they did to compare IE 8 to other well known browsers.  The video is interesting as IE 8 does not win every scenario, but does win allot of them.  IE 8 also comes out on top for page load speed time on more of the the top 25 web sites than Firefox 3.5 and and Chrome 1.0.  It will be interesting to see the final product and also see what Firefox and Chrome can come up with to make their product quicker.

Internet Explorer 8 Video

Internet Explorer 8 Beta Page