Apr 252010

I ran across an error when launching task manager in Windows 7 which was “c:\windows\system32\taskmgr.exe  The parameter is incorrect”.  You can see a screen shot of the error below .  When I first received this error I was stumped as I had never had an issue with task manager in my life.  I then started thinking back to what I had done in the past few days and remembered what I had done.  I had enabled process explorer from sysinternals to replace task manager.  This is no big deal, but if you move the process explorer executable to a different location it is a problem.  I had been doing some house cleaning and moved the exe to another location.  To fix the problem all I had to do is launch process explorer again and under options select restore task manager.  When I had completed this process task manager started up without a problem.  Hopefully this post comes in handy to somebody else running into the same problem.

Error Displayed When Launching Task Manager

Error When Launching Task Manager

  3 Responses to “Error When Launching Task Manger In Windows 7”

  1. great info, saved me a lot of time thx …

  2. This helped me as well. I had process explorer installed at one point and had it overriding task manager – at some point I stopped using process explorer and later decided to use it again. I must have placed it into a different location. When starting process explorer from the task bar i was getting this error. Checking Options->Replace Task Manger on and off (twice i think) resolved my problem.

  3. Thanks @ThomasMihatsch. This was the trick I have been looking for.

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