Feb 082014

Filters drivers can sometimes cause performance issues and other bad things to happen on a server.  The quickest and easiest way you can figure out what filters drivers are running is by using the fltmc.exe command.  This command works on several versions of the Microsoft Windows operating systems.

1.  Open up a PowerShell or cmd window with administrative privileges.

2. Run fltmc without any switches to get a current list of active filter drivers.

fltmc.exe example

Below is a quick screenshot the switches that are available for the fltmc.exe command.

fltmc switches

Jan 142014

You can quickly find you yourself in a position where there is no GUI installed on a Windows Sever.   One of the most common tasks as an admin is to change a password for a user account.  This can actually be done quickly and easily through the command line.

Steps To Complete

1.  Log onto the server as administrator.

2.  Launch a command prompt with administrator privileges.

3. Enter the following command: net user user_name * /domain.

Note: The asterisk in step three will cause a prompt for the password so you don’t type it in pain text.

Example: Changing password for snadmin.


May 182012

There is a new security feature in Windows 8 called smart screen.  This new level of security can help prevent unknown computer programs from running on your computer.  I ran into a situation where I wanted to disable the smart screen feature.   Below are the steps needed to complete in order to turn it off.

1.  Open up the control center.

Windows 8 Control Center


2.  Click on Action Center

Click On Action Center


3. In the left pane click on “Change Windows SmartScreen Settings”

Left Hand Column, Click On Change Windows Smart Screen Settings


4.  Select the option for how you would like Windows SmartScreen to handle unrecognized apps.

Windows SmartScreen Options

5.  Select Ok to close the dialog box.

6.  You can also choose to disable message so you will not get the security warning in the desktop tray.

Click Turn off messages about Windows SmartScreen