Sep 272015

One of the many things you probably will need to know is what version of Ubuntu is installed on a server.  It is pretty simple from the command line.  Just run the below command.

Command that will return description and the release number.

lsb__release -d


Ubuntu Version

Ubuntu Version

Apr 062009

When it comes to operating systems I have a pretty narrow focus.  I mainly use Microsoft operating systems with an occasional install of Ubuntu.  Blair Mathis over at laptop logic has written an excellent article on current Linux distros you can use.  The article covers Ubuntu, Sabayon, Knoppix, Crunchbang, Puppy Linux, PClinuxOS, Damn Small Linux, and Linux XP Desktop 2008.  This article has peaked my curiosity about some of the distros I have never installed before.  It looks like I will be doing some virtual installs over the next couple of weeks to see what I have been missing out on.  Please go over and read Blair’s article and let me know what you think.

Eight Rocking Linux Distros By Blair Mathis

Dec 272008

I came across Wubi a couple of weeks ago when I was looking at trying to use Ubuntu.  This program is perfect if you are looking at dual booting a Windows OS with Ubuntu.  Wubi makes the process very easy for an administrator who does not have allot of experience with Linux.  I was able to have an Ubuntu install done in about an hour.  Once you have Wubi and Ubuntu installed it is really easy to switch between the two operating systems.

So if you are looking for a way to start playing around Ubuntu this is your perfect solution.  You can still leave your windows OS in tacked along with being able to fully test Ubuntu.  The only downfall I have found is that disk performance is a touch slower with the way Ubuntu is installed through Wubui.  This can be fixed if you repartition your disk space manually instead of having Wubui do it for you.  Hopefully you will be comfortable doing this once you a few hours of Ubuntu experience under your belt.

Wubui Site