Oct 172008

Giveaway of the day is another site I would like to pass onto everybody.  As budgets keep getting tighter and tighter we have to find creative ways to get programs for free.  The perfect solution to this is giveaway of the day since they legally give away a program every day.  I would highly recommend subscribing either to their email or RSS feeds.  This will help you keep on top of what program is currently be given away for free.

Giveaway Of The Day

Jul 282008

One of the latest issues I ran accross was recieving an error while copying large files on Windows Server 2003.  I was trying to migrate a server that had several large files that were greater then 75 GB.  When I performed the file copy on the first large file I would recieve an error saying insuficent memory to perform the operation.  At the time I was using a strait forward windows copy.  I thought that might be causing the issue so I also tried to copy the file using robocopy and recieved the same error.  The kicker was that the error would happen at the 80% mark.  So it was very time consuming to recreate the error.  In troubleshooting the error I ran accross KB article 312362 that describe system paged pool memory.  After backing up the registry I performed the resolution step by step and set the PoolUsageMaximum to 60.  After rebooting the server I was in buisness and could copy files larger then 75 GB.

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