Mar 262014

There is a quick and easy way to find out what version of PowerShell you are running.  All you have to do is open up PowerShell and type in $PSVersionTable.  This command will also give you the WSMan version, .NET framework version, build version, PSRemotingProtocolVersion, and some other information.  Below is a quick screen capture of what the output looks like from the command.

PowerShell Version

PowerShell Version

Apr 232013

I had a request at work to set the smart host on a group of servers within the SMTP settings.

Here is a little code block for setting the smtp smart host on a server using powershell, changing the local host to your servername.


$SMTPSvc = [ADSI]”IIS://localhost/smtpsvc/1″
$SMTPSvc.SmartHost = “”

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Jan 272013

One of the questions I get from a lot of people is how do you tell what version of PowerShell you are running.  The easiest way it to open up PowerShell and type get-host.  See the screen shot below.  You will see that the second line has the version number.  This screen shot shows 3.0 which is the standard PowerShell version for Windows 8.


Get-Host output