Jan 182012

Server benchmark is the latest tool that I have discovered over the past couple of days.  I am a true geek at heart and can never find enough of these programs to test and burn in a new system.  Server Benchmark is a free tool and can be downloaded from SourceForge.  It is very strait forward and easy to use.  Check out the screenshot below for the user interface.  This tool is great for pushing both the memory and cpu of the server.  With that said this tool is not meant to be a benchmark tool for your standard PC as it does push your video card. Let us know if you have used this great tool and what you think.

Server Benchmark


Server Benchmark’s Main Site

Server Benchmark’s Download On SourceForge

Features From SourceForge

  • Server “burn in” (memory and processor benchmark)
  • Citrix & XenApp performance testing
  • VMware and XenDesktop performance testing
  • Server 2008 R2 support
  • 64 bit & 32 bit support
Nov 232009

When you collect performance data from perfmon you have a choice to save the file as a certain format.  The most common format I run across  is .blg.  This format works great when you looking at the performance data through perfmon.  Sometimes though it would be nice to pull this data into excel or another program in order to manipulate the data.  This is were the program from Microsoft called Relog can be used.  It has to be run from the command prompt.  Below is the command that would need to be run in order to convert a .blg file to a .csv file.  The process is quick and easy.

relog filname.blg -f CSV -o newfile.csv

Oct 032009

Pingtest.net was just launched to help you determine the quality of your broadband internet connection.  This tool can be used by everybody as the site breaks your test results down for you.  It assigns the letter A-F for your test results.  There is also a grade of N/A if the site can’t determine your connection rating.  The test is composed of packet loss, ping times, and line jitter.  So follow the link below and check out what your connection is graded at.  My personal connection was rated at a C which is what I expected as my ISP does not have the greatest reputation in the world.


Pingtest.net Detailed Info