Apr 072010

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 is Microsoft’s preferred method for deploying both client and server operating systems.  The latest release of MDT occurred September of 2009.   The new release was a huge improvement over the previous version.  The current version also supports the deployment of Windows 7  and Server 2008 R2.

I have been working with the product now for a few months with deploying Server 2008 R2.  I have also deployed a few Windows 7 clients using it.  I have been really impressed so far how easy it is to deploy a server image.  I also know that I am using just a fraction of this tool and look forward to learning more about it over the next several months.  I will try to share my experiences so other people can learn from my trial and error.  I have included some links below that are some good resources if you are just learning about this great tool.  The next few posts will cover the installation of MDT 2010 and AIK.

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