Jul 212012

Do to being on call I have spent the day relaxing by cleaning the office and looking through some old emails.  I came across this video that was sent to me the covers the evolution of PC games.  This video probably dates me little bit, but it also brought back a ton of memories.  Please feel free to post a comment about one of the games if it reminds you of your youth.

Nov 092009

If you work in the IT field you will get a good laugh from team over at www.thewebsiteisdown.com.  This is their fourth episode that they have produced.  They set the bar high with their first short movie, but I think this one comes close.    So check out the video below.

Apr 022009

Benjamin Burrows and the UBCD4WIN team does an amazing job that sometimes gets overlooked.  Ben recently did a podcast interview with www.podnutz.com.  Ben does a great job of answering allot of questions about the project.  I am fairly familiar with the project and still learned allot about it.  Its amazing how it started and has continued to evolve into the the great tool it is today.  I don’t think there is a week that goes by that I don’t introduce somebody new to the project.  I usually get an email back saying they do not know how they would have survived without it.  If you get a chance stop by and thank Ben and the team for all there hard work and dedication.  Please help spread the word about this great project.

Podcast At Podnutz

UBCD4WIN Project Website