Sep 282014

Do something by Mathew West has turned into a “theme” song for our family.  The song means more to our family then what I will ever be able to capture in a blog post on a Sunday evening.  As I reflect on the past week and the week ahead I think of all the opportunities that I could have done something or will have the opportunity to do something.  I think way to often we stand on the sideline waiting for somebody else to jump in instead of putting ourselves out there to make something happen.   So in the week ahead I challenge you to look at opportunities that come along and do something about it.


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Jan 272013

Sundays evening in our household are usually spent scrambling around trying to finish up last-minute tasks before the work week starts.  I am trying to start a new habit this week.  I am going to try to take at least thirty minutes to concentrate on a famous quote and implement it into the week that lays ahead.

“Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.”–Lyndon Johnson

This is the first quote that I have chosen to reflect on.  In today’s world it is very easy to get caught up on thinking about what could have or should have happened the day before.  It is easy to dwell on a missed opportunity or a conversation that did not go well.  It could have been as simple as you did not get something done that should have been accomplished. Instead of doing that I am going to look at Monday as being a great opportunity.  How are you going to look at tomorrow?  Please leave your ideas in the comment section below.

Jan 122013

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to all the visitors in 2012 and the first few weeks of 2013.  I have high hopes for the site in the year to come.  Every year we have grown and I don’t expect to break that trend this year.  I want to give back to community even more this year.  The end of 2012 was filled with chasing some personal dreams that I will hopefully be able to share publicly eventually.  Chasing those dreams was pretty much a full time job and consumed all of my free time.  That is why there has been little work done to the site over the past six months.

In the next few weeks I will be updating the site with some new heading that will include Server 2012, Windows 8, and a Linux section.  There is so much to cover I don’t even know where to begin.  That is a good problem to have!  If you have some ideas of things you would like to see on the site please leave a comment below.