Jan 292012

I was jut catching up on the some of the releases around the web.  Google has introduced a new feature in Google maps for showing your location inside of a building.  Google maps used to leave you at the front door of large building like airports to find your own way around.  Check out the below video and Google news release to learn all about it.

Google’s News Release On Indoor Maps

Oct 112010

I have been looking for a great weather application for my Android phone.  I had downloaded several different ones but have settled on the WeatherBug.  It is even offered for free in the Android Marketplace which made it better.  Below are some of the highlights of the application.  If you want to download just go to to the news and weather in the Android Marketplace.  You can also just do a search for WeatherBug and find it that way.

WeatherBug Features

  • Current Weather Forecasts
  • 7 Day Forecasts
  • Detailed Radar Maps
  • NWS Alerting For Dangerous Weather Warnings
  • Daily Weather Broadcast Provided By WeatherBug

WeatherBug Official Site