Apr 032016

Below is the 2016 keynote from Microsoft Build 2016.  Two of the main speakers were Terry Myerson and Satya Nadella.  There were several different topics covered.  One of the main ones for the it pro was bash on windows.  If you have not had a chance to watch keynote I would highly recommend taking the time to do so.


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Microsoft Build Main Website

Apr 022016 gives great information on links for your website.  Below is another quick screen grab of the dashboard you can get for you site.  This month there was a slight change in both trust flow and citation flow in the right direction.  The site also saw additional external backlinks to the site.  Let me know if you have any questions on the stats that are displayed below.  Hopefully one of these months I will find extra time to give back to the community more then I have been.

Stats from for

Stats from for

Apr 022016

Windows weekly was live from the Microsoft Build Conference.  They cover allot of topics including the redstone update, bash on windows, HoloLens and much more.  Feel free to leave comments below on anything you hear that was interesting.